Create an Office Space in Your Apartment With These 3 Design Ideas

Create an Office Space in Your Apartment With These 3 Design Ideas

If you are planning to work from home, you are going to need an office space in which to do it. Fortunately, setting up an office space is less complicated and time-consuming than most people would expect. Please use these design ideas for creating an office space in one of our apartments for rent in St Louis: Office spaces do not have to be big … [Read more...]

Save Money on Your Utility Bill with These 5 Tips

Ideas for Organizing and Decorating a Bookshelf

When trying to save money, it can be easy to cut down on your variable expenses, but trimming your fixed costs can be more difficult. Below are five apartment living tips in St Louis that you can use to save on your utility bills: Let it flow: Make sure that rugs, furniture, and curtains do not block air return ducts and heat registers. Let there … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for Getting Your Apartment Ready for the Spring

Forest Woods

The way your apartment looks is a big deal, and if you’re like most people, you want your space to reflect your sense of style. However, decorating for spring, a season that’s all about freshness and color, can be a little bit difficult. Use these five tips to decorate your apartment for spring in a way that you’ll love. You’ll even be able to keep a … [Read more...]

Our Private Dog Park Makes Exercising With Your Pup Easy

Our Community Dog Park is the Perfect Place For Your Pup to Exercise

When it comes to energy, dogs are much like children. When they don’t have something constructive to do, they will find some other way to release pent up energy. You might not like the results. Daily exercise in our private dog park may be just what your puppy needs. Walking is just one part of exercising a puppy, play time and running also play a … [Read more...]

5 Shopping Strategies for Used Furniture

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Buying furniture can be incredibly expensive, and if you’re trying to fill a whole apartment from scratch, it might feel like you’ll never have enough cash. However, buying used furniture can be much more affordable, and just because it’s used doesn’t mean it isn’t still good stuff. Use these shopping strategies to help you find used furniture that … [Read more...]